So, does what you did with Octavia's kids have anything to do with how your parents raised you? Or did you just come up with that technique all on your own?

Well, we don’t exactly have unicorns in my family. Dad was always the traditional type, but like I said, I’m not about to drop a baby off a cliff.

Silly Gilda, you don't need to throw the babies! Just lifting them up really high and letting go will suffice and requires slightly less effort on your part!

Well, I wasn’t going to drop them off a cliff or anything.

Gilda, that isn't how unicorns learn magic. At that age they're pretty much going to be limited to random bursts, so any teleports will be entirely accidental, and not something that they'll know how to do at will.

So what you’re saying is you have to condition them to do it command then

Like I said, Vinylbot caught them, everything was under control.


Octavia: Well, I suppose we each had different upbringings.  And if we had produced pegasi children, having them learn flight the way you were once taught would make some amount of sense.  But I have a feeling that when it comes to unicorn magic, it will take something more than throwing them out of the “nest” to unlock their abilities.

But, as I said, they were alright in the end and seemed to like you.  Actually, Tempo really seemed to enjoy her time in the air.  Vinylbot is already taking bets that she’ll want to train with Pisces and herself, learning the ways of the mantis ninja, when she grows up.

All I’m saying is it’s about motivation. I bet I could have them teleporting in no time.


Octavia: Oh, I was wondering when one of these would be in our inbox!  And I do apologize for not noticing this sooner.  I have seen friends of ours receive similar “Hitherby Dragons” excerpts, each and every one as fascinating as they were abnormal, and I will admit it is nice to be a part of the experience as well.  And this one actually involves musicians…albeit ones that have apparently become leaders of totalitarian regimes, but it was still quite fun to read!

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I just deleted mine, looked boring.

I should stop by to uh... look for my eye. Yeah. But I suppose while I'm over I could see how you guys are doing. And the babies.


vinylbot: awright then, gildster, thanks for the heads-up like octy asked!  guess we’ll see you in a bit…unless you’d like to take the ultra-fast mantis ninja express route. probly shouldn’t if you’ve recently eaten, though.

Pfft, I live for fast. There’s no way you can
And we’re here. Well ok then.

Your relationship now worries me. I mean, I don't mind you hooking up with Khepri and Melody. But due to current events, it's possible that in the future, Gilda could be your sister-in-law. And do you really want that to happen?


Gilda can bite me.

Aw, is that any way to treat your cool big sis?

Also, numbers, I guess.

Also, numbers, I guess.


You are Mathematically better than Carapace.



Math is dumb but everything else about this is right.

You messed up on interpreting the data.

You see, what the math says is that Gilda is greater than me.

As in, “Has substantially more mass”.

Says the one whose butt has its own zip code.

Something never came back? Oh, right. These days, when you say you'll "keep an eye out" for someone, I can never be sure if you mean that literally or figuratively.

Doesn’t matter either way, everything turned out fine.

It better not have started flirting with the butterfly or some crud.