Well of course Gilda doesn't understand boobs, she's a griffon! She's got two strips of nipples and they only barely engorge after giving birth, yeesh.


Dude, too personal

Off your chests, and on your... uhh... crap I can't think of anything. Where's all the good innuendo when you need it?

Your mom used it all to put you through college.

Glad to see that was such a worthwhile effort.

So who won?

A draw, I guess? We wound up laughing about it right after, talked for a while. So we’re cool again.

Wait, did she beat you up when you refused to have sex with her?

She didn’t beat me up, as if.

No, it was just getting some stuff off our chests.

I have taken the liberty. If you want the liberty back, please leave one million bits in an unmarked briefcase next to the library.

Hey, Dash, you got some goons trying to muscle in on your turf.

Just a heads up.

I have taken the liberty of painting your spherical house to resemble a colossal boob.

And I have taken the liberty of smashing your face in

Isn't burning plastic toxic?

Just the billowing black smoke part

Out of random curiosity, whats your opinion of the usual anons that send ye messages?

You’re either nosy, annoying, smug, and/or idiotic.

And you’ve got a weird accent.

I have taken the liberty of painting the Anon face onto each of the balls in the pit. This should help deter tourist visits. As a side not you should pay no heed to any movement you see in the pit, it is just the balls settling and is most certainly not anything else.

On an unrelated note, I now live next to an eternally burning plastic ball fire.

… may not have thought this one all the way through.

I feel like gilda doesn't understand boobs.


wait, what