"So this is what's been going on? Fine, I can go for a laugh." Still laughing, Gilda, or is it mainly just a mix of boredom and terror?

Dude, I haven’t even looked at that thing in forever. But there isn’t any terror happening, that’s for sure.

'cept for maybe BonBon's new plan.

what's your favourite metal?


Gilda, what is your current opinion of Bonbon? It seems that she's trying to be more forceful like her friends want her to be, but is handling things about as well as Fluttershy handled assertiveness training. Which, since you weren't in Ponyville then, did not end well. Do you think Bonbon's gone too far yet?

BonBon hasn’t gone anywhere near too far. But she is more… direct than usual. Not sure it suits her. But it’s necessary right now so I ain’t saying nothin.

I don't know if you care to keep any sort of pets at all, but I'mma ask anyway: would you consider yourself more of a cat griffon or a dog griffon?

I’m not really the type to have a pet, but if I have to choose…

Cats are easy to take care of but… no. ‘Sides, dogs make better hunting buddies.

Pan fyddwch yn marw, bydd eich bedd llenwi â trysorau efydd, a bydd y ceffylau yn wylo i chi, arwr.

Yeah, but it ain’t happening any time soon.

So, how's your army doing? Think some of you will be awarded medals of honour once you get back home?

I kinda doubt that. But at least now most of them can at least put up a fight.

You're going to eat all the Carls.

Not in any definition of the term.

I am on a quest for the Beast Glatisnt, mayhap you have seen it? It has the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the feet of a deer, and like yourself it has the buttocks of a lion. It makes the sound of a pack of hounds and it's meat is said to rival the most exquisite mutton. I would be willing to share some if you like.

What, you mean Carl?

I’m not going to eat Carl.

So these are the kind of dweebs I have to deal with all the time.

So these are the kind of dweebs I have to deal with all the time.

so my fine feathered friend what pranks have you pulled in this most Japery and comedical of hoildays

Didn’t really have any time to do anything good what with training and all.

I’m just going to have to double my efforts next year.